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    President Trump is signing a series of Executive Orders in his first few weeks in office.

    An Executive Order is a powerful thing. This video will give you a good understanding of them.

    Follow this instruction set:

    1. Prepare to take notes titled ‘Executive Orders’

    2. Read the questions below before watching the video

    3. Download and watch the short video here (you have to first download the video – it won’t stream)

    4. Listen especially close for info that will help answer the questions

    Here are the Questions:

    1. What is an ‘Executive Order’ as defined in the video?
    2. What ‘limits’ are there on Presidential Executive Orders?
    3. What three main powers does our Constitution give the POTUS?
    4. Try to list President Trump’s seven Executive Orders that are mentioned in the video
    5. Here’s a great vocabulary word to learn: ‘profligacy’
    6. Which Executive Order signed by FDR in 1942 is used as a negative example?
    7. Which Executive Order signed by President Eisenhower in the 1950s is used as a righteous example?

    Congratulations! You just learned a ton!

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